Our Welcome Cheney Congregational Church

We welcome all people,

without regard to their distinctions in the world,

who come to be at peace with God

and with their neighbors

in a worshiping community of service.

We hold as a permanent conviction that each person is treasured in the eyes of God and in our eyes.  Out of this conviction, we refuse to accentuate any gift, disability or identity that any person carries in this life.  In this we follow the declaration of the Apostle Paul that no distinction of persons recognized in this world is endorsed by those who gather in the name of Jesus (Galatians 3:28).  Therefore, no distinctions of race, wealth, poverty, sex, gender, legal status, ability or disability or any other divisor contrived or embraced by humanity shall be reckoned as greater or less than another in our midst.

We will welcome and stand with

all who gather

into the safety and fellowship

of our church.